Karen Seagraves: Director of the Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center at Grady Memorial Hospital

Posted On January 5, 2013
Categories Alumni, Alumni Spotlight

SeagravesIf you have the privilege to know Karen Seagraves (M.S., Nursing, 2008), you can easily conclude that she is passionate about her family, nursing, stroke patients, and head injury. As Executive Director of the Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center since May of 2011, she is proud to showcase and tell you in detail about this incredible facility. Karen guided us—Peggy Wilmoth, Dean of the School; Gwynth Nelson, Director of Development; and Teresa Kibler, Alumni Relations Officer— through a tour of MSNC.

The 12,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility, provides around-the-clock comprehensive services to patients arriving to Grady with head trauma or after suffering a stroke. http://www.gradystroke.org/facilities.php.

But technology is not the only reason why patients are remitted to MSNC to receive excellent treatment. The human aspect is vital: Only the best work in the MSNC. The quality of doctors, nurses, and patient care techs is a noteworthy aspect of this facility. The quality of patient interactions with these health care providers is equally as impressive. For example, nurse stations are located by each patient’s room in order to facilitate the interaction between patient and health care provider, and there is always someone observing patients, either in person or through a TV/computer screen.

MSNC also understands the importance of family in the healing process. Its facility has private rooms adjacent to the patient with a bed, restroom, and phone line. The Center created a Family Lounge where family members and friends can wait in a very comfortable space while at the hospital. The results are tangible!

MSNC is a very impressive place and we appreciate the time Karen took to teach us about the center.

Karen is a proud and active Georgia State nursing alumna. She recognizes the value of the education she received while studying at Georgia State and has kept in touch with her alma mater, especially with her mentor, Professor Patricia Clark. Karen, her husband, and her children attended and “had a blast” at a Georgia State football game last year. In her spare time, Karen enjoys gardening.