Page Love

Posted On December 9, 2013
Categories Alumni Spotlight

pagelove1Georgia State alumna Page Love, M.S., Nutrition, 1990, is a leading contributor to nutrition communities in Atlanta and abroad. She has led performance sports nutrition presentations for the Atlanta Braves and consulted for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. She has also been the onsite dietitian for the Australian Open and US Open in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) and the Association of Tennis Professionals. Love has also consulted athletes in multiple Olympic sports.

Over the years, Love has been an ambassador for nutrition science. She has provided outreach for the nationally-renowned Renfrew Center’s outpatient and inpatient hospitalization eating disorders program and the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders, to name a few. She presented at the American Dietetics’ Annual Meetings and Exhibition and developed a 50 module educational kit for coaches and athletes in 14 high school, collegiate and professional sports. Love develops screening tools for the WTA and works with juniors and professionals at national and regional training centers.

Love’s education began in Waco, Texas at Baylor University where she received her bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics. She expresses tremendous gratitude for her Georgia State education, particularly “the specialization the nutrition program offered in sports nutrition.” Love has been a member of the Greater Atlanta Dietetic Association and in 1996 she was recognized Young Dietitian of the Year for Georgia. She is also the incoming Vice Chair for the Georgia State Licensure Board for Dietetics.

pagelove2Her versatility in the field of nutrition can be summed up by her own company, NutriFit Sport Therapy. NutriFit provides individual, group and business consultations. It specializes in sports nutrition, eating disorders, general wellness, diabetes nutrition, and prenatal nutrition. Love is not only the founder and president of NutriFit, but shares her knowledge in nutrition science by consulting with athletes and patients with eating disorders.

pagelove3The most gratifying moments for Love are when she can assist in patient’s recovery. “I love seeing someone’s health improve or to alleviate a disease state [entirely], such as helping lead someone out of anorexia fully back to normal weight and see their personality change and get back to normal, ” she says.

Love extends her career skills at Georgia State as a guest lecturer for Department of Nutrition classes and as a preceptor for supervised practice rotations for Coordinated Program students. She appreciates Georgia State’s “hands-on” approach. “I loved that we had the immediate opportunity to work in the community with our classes. I still stay in touch with my professors there. They truly have been my mentors for my career,” she says.

Love encourages current students to “Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer.” She notes that her experience as a volunteer for ANAD (Anorexia, Nervosa and Associated Disorders group) and the Leukemia Team in Training and for the Greater Atlanta Dietetic Association has been a great way to tap into the community network. “It has been so fruitful for my career,” Love concludes.