Frequently Asked Questions

You should contact Dr. Andrew Butler, Associate Dean for Research, and Lynn Rhodes, Grants and Contracts Officer for the Dean’s Office and Division of Health Professions; or Savannah Stephens, Grants and Contracts Officer for the School of Nursing. You also need to let your department/division chair know that you are planning to submit a proposal.
If you are thinking about submitting a proposal in the next six months, set up an appointment to meet with the Associate Dean for Research and your grant officer. Applications take time so the earlier you submit the proposal, the more time we have to assist you best.
Include as much of the agency-required paperwork as possible and be sure to include final budget, final budget justification, Sponsored Programs Proposal Approval Form, statement of work/specific aim and agency guidelines.
Proposals received with less than nine business days for NIH and NSF submissions or seven business days for all other submissions before the agency due date will be forwarded to the Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards (OSPA) as-is in order to ensure submission before the agency deadline. For all other proposals, Lynn Rhodes from the Dean’s Office and the Division of Health Professions, and Savannah Stephens from The Lewis School will provide the following services upon request:
‐Complete routing forms,
‐Fill out electronic applications and other agency application forms,
‐Help with budget development,
‐Prepare paperwork to contract with professional grant writers for proposal review,
‐Review rough drafts or completed application packets,
‐Obtain the Associate Dean for Research’s signature and route for all other necessary signatures
‐Update electronic applications and other agency application forms as requested by OSPA, and
‐Forward electronic applications and other agency application forms back to OSPA for final approval.
Once the proposal is approved, the Principal Investigator will receive an e-mail from OSPA staff requesting the PI’s approval to submit an electronic application, or for pickup when a hardcopy is submitted.
Post‐award Activities (Award Received)
Once OSPA receives a Notice of Award (NOA), a green sheet is created and a PDF copy is forwarded to the PI, grants and contract officers within the school and the Dean’s Office. If the PI received the NOA before OSPA, it must be forwarded to OSPA in order to receive the green sheet.
Contact Lynn Rhodes from the Division of Health Professions and Savannah Stephens from the School of Nursing when supplies are needed for financial support.
The PI should receive a closeout letter from OSPA requesting any additional information needed for closeout. When the closeout letter is returned to OSPA, the Research Financial Officer should complete the closeout.