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Ashley Helvig, PhD, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor    

PhD, Georgia State University
MSN, University of West Georgia
BSN, Medical College of Georgia


Clinical Expertise

Adult Med/Surg
Nursing Education

Research Interests

Examining the impact of impaired sleep on insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

Selected Publications

Helvig, A., Wade, S., & Eades, L. (2016). Rest and the associated benefits in restorative sleep: A concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 72(1), 62-72. doi: 10.1111/jan.12807

*Sawyer, N. T., *Helvig, A. W., Makinson, C. D., Decker, M. J., Neigh, G.N., and Escayg, A. (2016). Dysfunction of the voltage-gated sodium channel Scn1a alters behavior, but not the seizure response to stress. Genes, Brain, and Behavior15(3), 335-47. doi: 10.1111/gbb.12281  *Co-first authors

Helvig, A., Minick, P., & Patrick, D. (2014).  Post-operative Management of patients with obstructive sleep apnea: Implications for the medical-surgical nurse. MEDSURG Nursing, 23(3), 171-177.

Helvig, A. & Decker, M. (2014). Omega 3 fatty acids and the brain: Implications for nursing practice. British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 10(1), 29-37.

Helvig, A. & Minick, P. (2013).  Adolescents and headaches: Maintaining control. Pediatric Nursing, 39(1), 19-26.

Selected Presentations

Helvig, A. & Chasens, E. (2015).  “Sleep and self-rated health in middle-aged working men and women.” Sleep 2015 conference.

Helvig, A. (2015). “Sleep disruption, obesity and insulin resistance in African Americans.” National Black Nurses’ Association convention.

Helvig, A., Sawyer, N., Escayg, A. & Decker, M. (2015). “Examining Complementary Methods to Mitigate Hyperactive Behavior.” Southern Nursing Research Society annual conference.

Helvig, A., (2015).  “A New Approach to Unfolding Case Studies.” Georgia Association for Nursing Educators.

Helvig, A., Sawyer, N., Escayg, A. & Decker, M. (2013). “Seizure and Behavioral Phenotyping of the Scn1a Mouse Model of Genetic Epilepsy with Febrile Seizures Plus.” Southern Nursing Research Society annual conference.


Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society
Southern Nursing Research Society
National League for Nursing